Focus & Scope

Jurnal Manajemen Informasi Kesehatan Indonesia (JMIKI) is a journal that publishes current original research on medical records and health information management using an interdisciplinary approach.

Scope of Jurnal Manajemen Informasi Kesehatan Indonesia (JMIKI):

1) Study of Health Information Management: Management of RMIK (Medical Records and Health Information), Management of Design of Medical Record Forms, Ethics and Health Law in the management of RMIK, Financing System in Health Services.

2) Disease Codification Classification and Actions, with manual and electronic ICD approaches and INA CBGs.

3) Health Information Quality Management: RMIK Quality Management, Accreditation and Risk Management.

4) Health Information System: Health Service Facility Statistics (manual and electronic).

5) Medical Record Work Unit Management.

6) Health Information Technology: Using technology to manage medical records and health information.